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I needed a plan that would fit my budget...and so i went to metro pcs in toms river on dover road. As soon as you turned into the parking lot...there was no metro pcs sign at all, all you seen was "free cell phones" and "electronic cigarettes".

I had no idea what i was walking into. The store was completly empty...not at all what i expected...and was so uncomfortable. There was only one guy working, with no name tag in regular clothes...and when i was next in line...there was no "hi, how can i help you today" just a blank stare untill i approached the counter. I started asking about the phone planes and he asked me with an attitude if i had a phone...i said yes and took the phone out and gave it to him...he started rambeling on about how much the costs would be, they even had a little print out on the counter on how much things would be.

My boyfriend was with me, and my boyfriend was not at all pleased about the service we were getting, and i just didnt even know what to say. The man than said "i hope one of you has a cigarette on you that i can *** because i have been havin a bad day" and my boyfriend both looked at each other,said no, i asked for my phone back and we said thank you and left. As soon as i left the parking lot, we went to at&t. I called the customer service hotline and the woman asked for his name and i laughed because i had to tell her he wasnt wearing one...she asked what was the name of the store and i told her there was no sign to even tell you...and when i told her about how disguted i was and then the man asked for a smoke...all she could say was " so sorry".

This store was absolutly disgusting, unprofessional and the customer service was below par!!! I have never in my life felt so uncomfortable walking into a cell phone place in my life, walking into a complete dump and getting an attitude as if im bothering them by coming to their so called "store". I would never tell anyone to go to metro EVER!!!!! Especially not that "store".

My advice to metro...hire people that are professional and can promote your business and not scare off customers.

Have them wear proper clothes and a name tag, and make sure they dont ask customers to bumb smokes off of them. The worst experiance i have ever had...and i will tell everyone about it.

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Toms River, New Jersey, United States #932234

I agree but based on the whole area … its something out of deliverance .


Your spelling and grammar is almost as bad as this story.

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