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I was sold the zmax phone. it froze all the time.

I hat the goose sound. the store ordered a new one 4 months ago.. I still do not have it. I bought another one to just move on..

the HTC.. yup broken wfi doesn't work. I wanted my money back next day.. then next dat, ect..

been 3 weeks now. called manager myself. called attorney generals office to be sure I wasn't wrong. It is a federal law to refund money within 3 days of purchase.

also called main office. A manager can do ANYTHING he or she wants.. Their decision on how to decide to refund or not in any case.. but I'm not even getting calls back!!

The people that work in the store are always telling me they hate working their.. I hear a lot of whining every time I go in. Their was one gut who did work their who told me the zmx phone was recalled months before I bought it.. and it was.

but they were still selling it. I do not know what else to do.


l'll file a complaint with the attorney general. and I will NOT stop going in and complaining to them.

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I have a zte max and I hate this phone I got my phone July 2015 and they weren't suppose 2 sell it after April 2015 and I have insurance and they told me $150 to get another phone and I only paid $23 for it.a *** lie if I pay that much for another phone.T-Mobile is full of bs.

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