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I see a lot of people carrying on about how horrible Metro PCS is. Well I work for a Metro PCS in Connecticut and am here to let everyone know about how things are SUPPOSED to work.

1)Return Policy: As long as the phone is UNDER 60 minutes TALK time and LESS than 7 days old with no water or physical damage you should receive all of your money back (for the phone and the plan) NO QUESTIONS ASKED. THERE IS NO RESTOCKING FEE. You can text and use data plan as much as you want but if you go over the 60 minutes talk time or bring the phone back after the 7 days it's yours. I found out recently that the day your purchase your phone is considered day one. So if you purchase on a Monday you have until Sunday to return it. METRO PCS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO RETURN ACCESSORIES so I would make sure the service is adequate before purchasing.

2)Bill payment. The day you purchase your phone is considered your anniversary date. The bill will be due the day before you purchased your phone. For example if you buy the phone on 5/4/2011 your bill date will be 6/3/2011 and it will be due every 3rd thereafter. If you don't pay your bill on the 3rd it will go off at about 11 am (eastern standard). If you pay from 6/4-6/9 YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY YOUR BILL ON 7/3. HOWEVER if you come in on 6/10 you can do what is called a bill cycle reset. Basically you pay an additional $5 on top of whatever your bill is and (for the sake of argument) your next bill due date would be 7/10, giving you the full 30 days of service.

These are ALL things they should be telling you and if not I do apologize. I care a great deal about my customers' satisfaction and Metro PCS as well. If you have any other questions please leave your email down below and I will answer anything else you would like to know about Metro PCS. We need to have our name restored. And the only way to do that is by informing the public about these things. I wish you all the best and if you are ever in Connecticut and need service I am here and will do all I can (within reason) to make you happy.

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I have a question my email I murphy.montris@gmail.com


I switch my previous prepaid account to metro and was added onto my wife's account half way through the monthly billing process...we payed our bill and she got her data renewed. But mine didn't. When will my 32gigs be renewed


Im sondra deveney 509 7639170 i didnt pay my bill on nov 2017 phone was taken but someone found it so made payment for dev 2017 you took payment for same day at 11pm turn my phone off send me tex said i own $92 i dont it 92 i need my phone family member in hopls n my kid in school can i help me email dd.sondralea@gmail.com


My daughter went with her aunt for the weekend and while there her aunt took her to buy a metro phone and plan with my daughters hard earned money from chores.My daughter is 12 and too young to have a phone so i want to return the phone and get her refunded.

She bought it on 12/2 and today is 12/5 i know the salesman is gona give me issues.What do u recommend i do or say if he gives me a hard time.?


Metro sent me a message saying I have to pay $120 to continue my service because i didn't pay for my bill last month . Do I have to post for last month since I didn't use my phone ? Shouldn't it roll over to this month and I pay regular price ($60)?

to Niani #1420446

I believe this is what he was talking about when he said bill cycle reset but it is a very old Post but you might try it

to Niani #1420655

No you don't have to, just pay 60 but tell them that you either want a bill cycle reset because you did not pay service for last month. Rep will call customer service and fix it for you


Well I purchased a new lg k10 used service for 6 months. I want my phone unlocked and for some reason metro keeps saying they try but for some reason unknown they can't get it unlocked I think I ended up being sold a reconditioned phone not new and I'm getting no help I'm very upset thinking of hiring an attorney cuz I thought I bought and pd for a new phone now I can't use it with my new carrier and this is wrong! Metroscrewedme@gmail.com

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In order to be eligible, you have to use the phone for a consecutive 90 days. If you are eligible, connect your phone to wifi and then find the unlock device app. If you don't have it, your phone is unlocked


I had my phone shut off November 1 at 8:00 am this morning and my phone bill was due on 31 on each month

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