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Can I make a payment over the phone



why doesn't the wifi share doesn't work


Why does my hotspot not work?


Why does my data keep going in and out?

My data hardly ever works.From literally the day I turned it on until now, it constantly goes in and out.

Even after my monthly payment, it still hardly works. Often an E will be where the 4g symbol usually is. I don't know what that means, and there's nothing about it anywhere. I need to know why its not working properly because I'm paying for my data, and I would love to actually be able to use it.

P.S.It cut out so now I have to wait for it to cut back on (after who knows what amount of time) to send this complaint in.


I need my metro k-7phone unlocked

I switched to family mobile and under wifi calling it tells me to contact MetroPCS?So you need to make this metro number was (850) name is Stacy chambless.


You have to call MPCS Customer Service and ask them to unlock it. Note that they will only let you unlock the phone if it had been in use on MetroPCS for 90 days.


What is going on with my phone I am being told that I have my dad is almost out and I signed up for unlimited


What plan do you guys run on? You're almost out of 4G/LTE data, which means your fast internet speed will be throttled to a slower one. MetroPCS does have a promotional $50 plan and a $60 plan which gives you unlimited 4G/LTE, however!!