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I have previously made online debit card payments successfully for approximately one year. For the last 5 months, I cannot make a debit card payment online, the i-800 rep at metro pcs cannot process my debit payment and the metro store cannot process my debit payment, in spite of having more than enough money in my account to pay the payment.

The rep and metro store have given me various excuses: I have credit issues, it's my debit card, it's my bank account, we don't know what to tell you- you should go to the corporate office in San Jose. I have gone to my bank and spoken to almost everyone in my branch. Results: there is no limitations on your account, your card works fine as you have many recent transactions using your card in stores, atms and online including the DMV, the problem is with metropcs. The bank also says when I try to make a payment, there is no payment attempt shown on my account.

I have been having to wait in line and pay cash at the metro pcs store and pay a $3.00 processing fee each month.

I will keep on until someone does something about this.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Debit card not accepted scam.

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I am having the same issues currently.


I am having the same problem. Worked fine until this very month.

This is a big scam to bilk money from their customers.

When will they fix this? Maybe it is time to switch to a new carrier!


I tried to pay online which I normally do but my payment would not go through so I went to the store today and was charged an extra three dollars for my monthly plan of $60. The girl told me the $3.00 is for convenience.

It’s not convenient to drive to the store and use my gas. You’re ripping people off so in that case I will be switching to another dealer next month

to Taz #1561622

Your comment has a post date of 9/10, but not the year. Was it 2018?

I had a weird incident trying to pay my Metro PCS bill 9/16/18. I’ve been paying my Metro bill online using my bank debit card with a VISA logo for a number of years. I go to their “Make A Payment” Page and make a one-time payment each month. Until today I can’t remember having a problem.

I entered all of the information requested for a 1x payment, but the page wouldn’t accept my hitting the enter button. I checked all of the info I entered & still couldn’t make the payment. I decided to try another of my devices & that didn’t work. I had noted that when a went to the Metro payment page today 1 thing was different, the page specifically asked if I wanted my phone number saved.

I entered no. That question isn’t usually asked and didn’t to setup an auto-pay. I was asked on both devices I used. I tried again and checked the box to save my phone number & that I read their blah, blah.

This time a payment WAS accepted & I received a text acknowledging payment within a minute or so, as always. I never had that happen before today.


file a complaint with the utilities commission they are intentionally pulling this crap to gain extra fees


Same happening with me!!


Metro PCS charged my bank account TWICE for $152.00 and has not credited any money to my phone bill a single red cent!


Same issue here, past 2 months. Anyone get any headway on this?

Cullman, Alabama, United States #1349095

Metro PCS does accept pre-paid debt cards i,e netspend and other prepaid debt/credit cards. I don't about regular bank debt cards because hey don't like a prepaid debt card/credit card.

I have had no trouble paying my account but their customer service is much to be desired. File a complaint against with BBB.

to user35431745 #1495972

You can use them but u call it a MasterCard or visa not debit. I pay my with debit each month and its not a bank card.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1347634

I hear you. They advertise $30 PERIOD.

No disclaimers, no indication there ARE added fees. Also, when I first got my phone, I was the only one in the store with 3 sales people. After they had my money, they started speaking in Spanish to each other.

I have had my phone for 3 months now and am still highly considering just leaving the phone there and not paying the bill. The Federal Trade Commission would probably be interested in their false advertising.

to George Port Huntsville, Alabama, United States #1349098

I know I know that most of the Metro PCS sellers are Hispanic. I just find a store that where they speak English. Like Grumpy Cat says, "I pressed One for Technical Support and press 2 to speak to someone that speaks English and still didn't get one that speaks English.

to user35431745 #1460759

That's raciest as *** Maybe u " Americans" should not be so lazy and us " Hispanics" wouldn't take your jobs!!! It's 2018 and people are more raciest than they where back in the olden days it's awful!!

to Tee Carrasco #1535826

Not be lazy? Why not fix your own damn country.

Riverdale, Georgia, United States #1347113

I have been having the same problem trying to pay my bill since April. I'm starting to believe it's a plan to get the extra $3.00 fee also. I'm going to get in touch with the FTC to report this.

to terry Huntsville, Alabama, United States #1349100

Terry, you better contact the BBB also. I don't know if the FTC can help you, but I know that BBB can.

to terry #1387524

Terry1 I just got off the phone with metro PC's and they said everyone who pays cash or debit/credit card in store pays a convenience fee, only if you pay online with them can you escape paying this fee. I b believe the Better Business Bureau would be quite interested in this.

Brother more MetroPCS if they cared about their customers would not give us a convenience fee. Moving forward I believe I will go with another phone company sayings on paying for T-Mobile service maybe I should go with them I can buy them pay as you go to.

to Anonymous #1460760

Wow... Metropcs is powered by t Mobile you are aware of that right...

Also most phone carriers charge fees... If you dial 611 from your phone and use the my metro app you can pay for free!!

Macon, Georgia, United States #1323623

https://www.facebook.com/groups/648994068634946/ please join us in metro pcs edodus group

to Anonymous Huntsville, Alabama, United States #1349110

File a complaint with the BBB and don't worry about the sorry Facebook groups. They are a bunch of whinny hinnies.

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