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The service used to be ok, keeps getting worse, dropped calls while on wifi calling 2 feet from router, trying to text or call and getting "not in your network" I have an all inclusive plan, unlimited! Terribly weak signal, sometimes none, do I live on the moon?, its propably better there. Constant dropped calls, or garbly gush ailien language you cant understand I restart every day, have to just to get *** service! Its bad, real bad, I woudnt...
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I love Metro PCS I have the unlimited data plan and of course it has the unlimited talk and text Exedra and it's just wonderful I've only one time a bunch of towers were down there with all the phone services were off which it did I ever have a problem but it was something out of the norm so anyway I just wanted to let you know that I love Metro PCS I have the unlimited data plan and it is wonderful they've never let me down nope and thank you...
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I tried watching a 2 minute video and it buffers. My service is constantly dropping and/or timing out. Oh, did i mention i have the $60 unlimited plan. Today i went to the Metro PCS store and basically i was told that their sevice is "PERFECT" and I just picked a *** phone (LG K7). I have had *** phones before with other services but never the problems like I do with Metro. My advice is stay far away from them as you can. When i service ends i...
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Metropcs Unlimited Phone Plan Review

The guy at my metro pcs lied to me unlimited data only up to 28 gbs and mobile hotspot at 8 gigs. Wish he had told me instead of letting me go crazy with my data. If you happen to go with them just know the 60 unlimited plan is still limited but still not a bad price compared to other companies and if you know of a better network. Let me know thanks