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To whom it may concern: Regarding number 7186623384 I am with Metropcs for over four years, and only to realized my service was interrupted today the june 10, 2016. This is my primary number primary which is reflected on all my documents school etc, if I had known about this issue that would have cause service interruption I would have adhere to the rules. More over for the four plus years that I have this service I always listen to Jamaican...
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stevenb2016 I would appreciate my service back, because this is the number my family, and business records has as the primary number.

I didn't like
  • I did not like the manner in which my service was disrupted
Yet my mobile data still works. So I have no idea what is going on and I can't find any online metro customer service, since I can't call to fix the issue. I don't even live in a metropolitan area. Now I have to keep typing just to get my point across with this hundred word minimum, nothing works with this phone as I have reset it multiple times, and beside the fact this phone has crashed at least once a week since I got it in February. Overall...
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Anonymous i just talked to them they deny any service outage i have a working phone i have not had data since yesterday
as usual the morons that work there claim its our phone apn se...

So yesterday I went to a metro pcs store to purchase a phone for a specific reason.I have a loved one in a correctional facility. I needed the phone in order for our phone calls to be cheaper so I payed $17 extra to make sure the area code would be the same as the jails. The folks working at metro knew this as I explained it to them thoroughly. Now since I bought it said loved one has not been able to call me. When I called metro pcs customer...
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Anonymous Metro PCS is A Prepaid phone service. How would you expect them to charge for collect calls.
Why havent you set up you DOC call service so your loved one can call you. My ...