I have been with metro pcs for years.I have the S3 4G LTE on the $40 plan. I payed my bill on time, to be honest a head of time.

I never had any major issues with them up until 12/30/13. I received a text message at 4:22 PM , stating " Your usage of MetroPcs Services is in violation of the terms and conditions and has been terminated effective immediately. I couldn't go to an actually store because I was at work, So I got in contact with customer service. The first couple of times I tried calling I got hung up on.

When I finally got in touch with someone ,they couldn't give me a valid reason why my phone has been terminated and told me to email serviceagreement@metropcs.com.  I sent an email stating my information and the problem I had. I didn't receive an email back that day, so I decided to go to an actually store the next day, to see what was the problem. The people at the store had no idea, they had to contact customer service to tell me the same thing I already knew. I had no choice but to wait for the email at that point.

I finally received an email back later that day stating that, "

Your phone usage has been identified as abnormally excessive, and indicative of disruptive usage pattern violating MetroPCS’ Terms and Conditions of Service.  Based on your prior usage, your Service has been terminated. " I thought MetroPcs was unlimited? How is that possible? The sad part about it is, I tried going to a different company to put the s3 on it and my ESN is reported stolen . So basically Metro cut my phone off in the middle of a pay cycle and reported the phone that bought with my hard earned money STOLEN!!!!

Tip for anyone who is considering METRO PCS RUN!

They are not truly unlimited.

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I don't know why my phone suspend


Same thing happened to my mom, she has basic unlimited talk/txt plan only. She also paid in advance but her service got terminated mid-way.

Don't bother calling customer service, they are all outsourced overseas and cannot tell you anything, they just tell you to email service agreements. So, after I emailed service agreement, I am told this: 'Your phone usage has been identified as abnormally excessive, and indicative of disruptive usage pattern violating MetroPCS Terms and Conditions of Service. Based on your prior usage, your Service has been terminated.'

As a first time Metro PCS customer, my mom has had this phone for only 3 months, she hardly used it in first month, but towards 2-3 months, she connected more with her friends and family. Is this what they considered abnormal and disruptive pattern based on prior usage???

What a bunch of BS! So she should keep the same pattern of hardly ever using the phone she paid for?

Based on their service agreement statement, if someone uses their phone 24/7 from the get go they are fine, but if someone all of a sudden has a spike in usage they get terminated because it's abnormal based on prior usage. Happy to no longer be a MetroPCS customer since they obviously do not stand behind their cellular services & plans.

Italy, Texas, United States #1269693

This just happened to my 16 yr old daughter the other day. Not only did she pay her bill on time she paid her bill for 2 months!!!!

An they terminated her service. She went up there to find out what the deal was an they gave her this same *** website to go to that absolutely dosent tell u a *** thing on how to fix it. Not only did the ppl at the store tell her there was nothing they could do they also told her that when problems like this arise they keep ur money an dont refund it!!!! Thats 132.00 they are trying to keep of her money she worked for!!!

So......they will get her account straighten out to where they give us a refund or turn her phone back on. Or this pissed off mom will get them for theft an go above an beyond to get this *** resolved for her.


Yes they are a piece of ***

Morrisville, Pennsylvania, United States #1222727

Hey my son is going through the same thing, they cut his service off i just paid his bill 3 days before the shut off. They said he was in violation of the terms and conditions he also was with metro for a number of years.

I can't get through to customer service i have been trying since they shut his phone off Sept 27th, i also went into a few stores and they couldn't tell me anything different.

What do i do now........... I WANT TO TALK TO A LIVE PERSON

Albany, New York, United States #1184741

samething happen to me?

Houston, Texas, United States #1148335

I need my phone back on please

I'm trying to get my service back on an my number is (318)605-8556 please.

That's true they did the same thing to me ,two times already.

to Anonymous #1171142

They did the same thing to me twice already

Orlando, Florida, United States #1133763

Yes i had it done to me 3 times now this is really annoying i hate MetroPCS they suck...

to Anonymous #1498772

Will metro restore my phone service


I would like to why i don't gad any services.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #959872

I want to know why my phone no service , I pay my monthly bill every month and I still have no service why?

Bradenton, Florida, United States #942964

how much are you using your phone?! I use mine quite a bit and have had no problems

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #766796

As you now realize, no company really wants to offer unlimited service. It costs them too much.

They apparently found a way to get rid of you and your unlimited service.

Go elsewhere. Metro PCS is not the best company for cell phone service, anyway.

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