I'm actually going to post a complaint about the CUSTOMERS, yes... THE CUSTOMERS

As many companies do, MPCS outsources their call centers to other companies, they can be located in Dallas, Mexico City, Tijuana, Mexicali, Panama, Phillippines, etc. Yes big surprise there are "indian" persons over the phone that are meddling with your account and can easily ruin your life if they don't like you. Anyways, it's one of the best paid jobs for anyone with a High School Diploma and english skills, it's also a great work for students because the shifts are flexible. You see, jobs in this country are really scarce, even more good jobs like this one, we can make around $220 every 2 weeks in this job(which is kind of huge for mexican standards), but anyways, I can't help it but since I got this job i've been stressed all day long, customers yelling at us when it's pointless, customers that call for things that we're not even able to do, customers that messed up big time and we have to spend 20+minutes fixing their messes (which is horrible, because WE HAVE TO finish our calls in a max of 7 minutes approx), rude customers, bad audio, cheeks pressing the phone dials when they talk and we can't hear anything, RACISM, our headsets hurt our ears and they suck(we don't even have the cradle option), mediocre training, *** supervisors, etc etc etc. I've been on the *** of quitting this job like 2 times per week, which is not recommendable because the only jobs left are slave work at factories for $70 a week, which is not nice.

Anyways, leaving behind my lack of sleep you guys have left me, i'll leave a list of do's and don'ts for MetroPCS so we can make our lives easier


*Learn how to google

*Look up which phones are good (most phones are programmed to stop working nowadays, blame that to the manufacturers)

*Check your coverage area

*Learn the difference between CDMA and GSM


*We charge a 3 dollar fee for taking a payment

*Learn the meaning of prorates and some math

*Get some conscience and empathy, we are not as fortunate as you

*Stop being a racist for god's sake, that's so dark ages

*Cellphone companies internet suck, better use an actual internet provider for your internet needs


*Always ask for your 8-digit PIN/Passcode, it's usually your birthday because the douchebags at the stores usually ask for your birthday withouth giving a reason

*Your social security number, your phone number and your PIN for the voicemail are not the 8-digit PIN for accessing the accounts

*The 25 dollar plans are only for new activations, if you're not willing to lose your phone number don't even ask for them

*Turning off and on your phone does miracles, removing the sim card also helps

*if you have the MetroBackup/Total Protection ALWAYS USE IT WHEN YOU ADD IT TO YOUR PLAN, it will not backup your contacts automatically, you have to activate that first

*The contacts don't matter that much, if they are too important for you please use a pen and paper


*Adding features and changing your plans will always generate a prorate charge, please be aware of this

*If you have a CDMA phone always dial *228 option 5 before leaving your city

*If you break some terms and conditions for example: using your phone too much time outside of your coverage area, making calls to many different states and countries, using TOO MUCH 4G, your service will be terminated withouth a warning

*If you use your phone for more than an hour it will not be refundable

(I'll add more if I remember some)


*Don't even bother to call us without the phone number, 8-Digit pin, answer to the security question, or the ZIP code IN THE ACCOUNT, NOT YOURS

*The pins are usually your birthday, and the "Childhood nickname" question is usually your name, sometimes the douchebags from the stores put up some random stuff at those

*For issues with the service, it's better to go to a store

*For billing questions, we can provide them but the billing windows in your accounts are horribly designed so it's hard to read them

*PLEASE only give us calls about THE METROPCS SERVICE ITSELF, not about anything else

*We don't know many things as you guys would like, please be mindful of that

*Please be mindful that we have to finish the calls as fast as possible and we have to make sure that the customer does not make 2 calls on the same day

*We are not the stores

*We are not MetroPCS, we only have a program that let's us change stuff in your accounts and kind of fix SOME issues

*The stores know more than us

*The stores will never answer phone calls

*It's pointless to complaint about us, or about the service with us, we'll just mute the mics and laugh at you

*Try to summarize as much as possible

*Train your ears for some heavy accents

*Practice your english because we're bad with accents

*Don't use the speaker, only when it's necessary

*Be nice to the agents, with the new Customer Service policies we can do whatever we want as long as the system lets us do it (like crediting accounts, hint hint)

*Be aware that we only know about the system that we use itself and some things about the service, everything else we learn it from you guys

*You curse 3 times and we hang up on you, be mindful of your language

*If you change a plan from a promotional or expired plan you will not be able to get it back

*Switching phones from a CDMA to GSM WILL change your plan

*We don't know about prices of phones and accessories

*Try to call as less as possible geez

(If I remember more, i'll add more)

Hope this can help both you and all of my fellow representatives, have a nice day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Metropcs Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I've worked with other phone companies doing customer service and dealt with all your complaints here and more and deal with it in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds max

to Anonymous #1561572

And I would still never say all this to customers


Man stfu and do your damn job. That's what's wrong with this *** country today. Outsoucing jobs to ungrateful foreigners.


shut your *** mouth and do your job


Stopped in the scappoose Oregon store.. the guy was to lazy to get up to help me or offer any assistance...very disappointed. Guess my business is not important to your company


I need help


I just spoke to a Metro PCS rep (Mya) to activate a new phone. I want to marry her, but she lives on a different continent AND is already married (me too, so I really don't think it is going to work :( ).


who cares about the rantings of people in other countries.. who are under educated and trying to speak with the better educated American public, Honestly, we have enough of or own problem in our country..

If these companies would stop out sourcing and sending our money to other countries . We would have better service.. and more jobs for our own people. According to this, so called Service Representative for Metro pcs, he clearly does not care about the customers....

It time to stop out sourcing.

and build for a better future for our own country, people and businesses.

This Guy sounds like the story of the Dog the bites the hand that feeds him ...

to Average American #1561567

Lol you would not have better service

to Average American #1562235

Wow, for someone who implies that they are more educated than other people you sure do have some terrible grammar and spelling.


MetroPCS. This is one of the best examples of the rude arrogant service you will face when you do business with this ***! Stay away!


Very insightful piece. I've had mostly positive experiences whenever I've had to call in.

I've been a Metro PCS customer for 12+ years. People are people, so respect given should result in respect returned. I've only been treated poorly once, but once they realized my issue was genuine, they made up for the mistake and resolved my issue. Sometimes it takes patience to communicate clearly, and in frustration BOTH SIDES tend to forget how to treat eachother.

Having worked at a call center before, I understand how difficult that job can be on one's morale.

In every case where someone treats you poorly, no matter who when or where, NEVER let it compromise the integrity of who you are. Be kind to each other, but put up with no $#!+.


Ok *** off, have you ever stopped to think that Maybe we are rude because of the *** WE ENDURE AS CUSTOMERS TRYING TO GET OUR ISSUES RESOLVED? Then we get *** like you On the line that are completely ridiculous and it does nothing to solve our problem in first place!

The company that you work for and represent on nothing but a bunch of fraudulent scam artists so excuse me when I say you can kiss my white ***. How's that for rude?


Every phone 6 in two years my metroaccount some one in the account and my phone get infected metro can't fix this issue think metro is neglected!!!!!! !!!!!


Suck it up. Quit being a pus** people suck and that's the way it is.

Also if you want to complain about your wages then get an education quit making excuses. I've lived in Mexico and always heard the same thing.

Sadly it always came from the ignorant and lazy. Man up!

to Anonymous #1358265



Well jeez if you complaining about your customers you should be fired. You are there to help them not criticize them for crying out loud if you have no people skills then please find a better job and if i can think of anymore I will post thank you.

to anonymous #1358266

Where's thelike button!!! Absolutely.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1293485

I am never rude to any CSR, regardless of whether they are Indian or American. However, if I cannot understand you due to a strong foreign accent, I will have to ask for someone else or I will say goodbye and call back, hoping to get another agent. I know people get frustrated at the number of jobs that are outsourced to places like India, but really, their anger needs to be with the company itself, not with the employees who are, after all, just trying to earn a living like the rest of us.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1243514

I find it hilarious that you speak of "practicing English"/accenf difficultie! I am at MY WITS ENDS with outsourced CSRs who talk so fast and foreign that I can barely understand them!

I am in the US, and i shouldn't have to a strain my ears trying to put you dialect/words together. Half the stuff i ask for help with when i call Metro Customer Service is not handled properly. Either the foreign rep PRETENDS to understand what I'm asking, then puts me on hold forever, or gives me the wrong information. I am beyond uuncomfortable with struggling through your inability to americanize yourself with an American company and PROPER ENGLISH!!!

Speak CLEARER! Ps. We all know they give you American names that aren't even yours. No, Padma and Sadi your names are NOT "jessica" and "Linda"!

Nice try!

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