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I needed a phone. I went online and found that MetroPCS offered a $30 per month, unlimited talk & text and 2gb data.

I also checked everything I could find looking for an expiration date for this offer. I could not find any. So, This morning, 10am 07/13/17 I went to MetroPCS and wanted to purchase that plan with a phone. I was told that offer expired.

I was upset and told the girl that it's online with no expiration date. She said, " Yeah, I know. That's what they do". So, I didn't buy anything.

That's False Advertising. I think I should get that at the offer price. Don't You?

Please reply to rus7191@aol.com. I would like that offer

Review about: Metropcs Telecommunications Advertisement.

Reason of review: nothing.

I liked: I liked the offer they advertised online.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1350747

They still have the plan, the rep misinformed you or is confused about new promo plans that just came out. Most of you are complaining about dealers (independent stores, they don't run franchises and their corporate stores - run by actual MetroPCS employees- would never only have 1 employee).

Try finding a corporate store or buying from metropcs.com. These complaints don't reach their offices so it's a waste of time.


I WAS happy with metro until this new phone alcqtel it stinks big time-- just does not hold a 100% battery charge for longer than two minutes when not I'm use!!! Even on charger charge goes done--so back light dims and brightens on it on-- pop up ads stink-- especially the ones that says phone I'm danger ""6 vrirses dectete ---memory full ram full ect-ect!!took it back twice called main company once dude told me they would give me a new phone--so went in NO no way this one is no longer!!

Well I'm sorry metro I can't afford a new phone!!

Don't like your service__get people in your stores that know what the truth is and put more than one person to work in your stores!! Your rating has dropped way lie in my eyes

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