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This was my FIRST AND LAST time dealing with MetroPCS, horrible company. Sorry, guys, but this is going to be a tad long:

Feb 15, 2012 I came into MetroPcs authorized retailer (7550 Tampa Ave. Unit C. Reseda, CA 91335) to open an account. Karina assured me that the Samsung Admire would come in the next day which is why I opened the account bc I could exchange the Huawei (if use less than 60min w/in 7days) the next day. This number is used as my business line so I thought it was ok not using it for a day. I called Feb 16 to ask if they had it, Rosa said they wouldn't get it until Sunday (2/19). This was unacceptable. I went to another MetroPCS, which happened to be an authorized retailer who had an Admire & was told I couldn't exchange it bc the store had a different owner. I asked if my number could be transfer to this store since it's the same corporation, Rosa said no b/c of diff store owner & if I did that I would lose my # that I've had for 8yrs. This became frustrating"”bc in addition to the problem calling the Tampa store was nearly impossible as Rosa never picked up! I had to call 13 times (according to my phone log) before she picked up! My father came in later on that night and told Rosa this is unacceptable. Katrina promised the Admire would be in the 16th and now she, Rosa, was saying it wouldn't be in until Sunday. Instead of owning up and saying Karina made a mistake, Rosa made an excuse for her by saying, " Oh, Karina is not an employee here. She was just filling in for me, so she didn't know what she was talking about." I thought this excuse was weird. If Karina wasn't an employee, why was she doing selling MetroPCS services to customers? This seemed sketchy to me. After a while, Rosa decides to call up the owner and they have a chat in Spanish. When she gets off the phone, she assures my father to come in on Saturday and that they'll have the phone for us and that they would do everything to get it on Saturday.

Later, I called Metro customer service (888-metro8) and spoke with a manager, Ryan ID#60890, who told me to head into the corporate store on 9070 Van Nuys. Panorama City, CA 91402 (the ONLY corporate store w/in a 15mi radius of my house) and they would exchange my phone as long as it was in stores. I come into the corporate store and spoke with the supervisor (I did not get his name) who told me that he did not get a call from his headquarters in Texas and therefore couldn't exchange my phone bc it wasn't purchased in that store. I don't understand this! I was already frustrated with the whole ordeal and then I come into the corporate store, waited 45mins, was #2 in line (according to the monitor) when they called the lady in #4 to go up which I let go even though #1 made a big issue, and then was rejected help. The supervisor didn't even look apologetic! He didn't even offer a solution & all the employees were looking at me and whispering in Spanish to each other, which made me feel isolated and targeted. It's just rude! Unless the customer is speaking to you in Spanish, you really shouldn't be speaking another language in front of customers. Anyways, I asked if there was a number I could call or speak to a manager and was told there wasn't one in. I gave the supervisor the number of the Tampa store and told him I spoke with Rosa today. He went into the back to make a 15min call to "try and resolve the problem." He came back and said he left a message for Rosa, which I don't believe because I've called that store all day and there was no answering machine, that store's number will give you a dead-tone after a few rings. Not only that but I felt animosity towards his comment about my use of the Metro line as a business line. He said that we shouldn't be using the metro plan as a business line, which is what metro discourages to begin with. I said that it was irrelevant of how we are using our phone but that the issue was that we were assure an exchange by Ryan and the store wasn't honoring that! While he's "trying to call the Tampa store" I'm calling Metro's customer service again to get connected with Ryan. I spoke with Ann ID#905003, whom I thought was a manager because that's what I asked for but she finally admits that she's only a supervisor and that her manager wasn't available at the moment. I ask Ann to connect me to Ryan and she told me she couldn't do that. I asked why? And she said because Ryan was at another call center. I don't understand, what is the point of giving an ID# if I can't ever reach that person again. I told her I was willing to wait to speak with her manager. She puts me on hold for 18mins (according to my cell phone log) only to come back and said that it would be a few hours before he couldn't come to the phone. This behavior was very suspicious! That and the fact that it was so noisy in her background that she barely could hear me"”like there was a party going on. I had to yell into the phone so she could hear me. This problem was becoming ridiculous. Ann says all she could do was take my information, escalate the problem to the next level in hopes of resolving the issue, and then call me back within 24hr. I asked Ann how she would escalate the problem and she replied, "email." I was shocked at this method! I wanted results not to be pushed aside. (An email can be easily neglected since it is not a direct approach). Overall, my experience with MetroPCS is shockingly atrocious.

On Saturday, Feb 18th, we came in and Rosa still did not have the phone. We were like okie you have until noon to find the phone that you promised or we'd go back to Tmobile. We gave them until 2pm! And they still didn't have the phone. Rosa didn't seem to care or apologetic, at all. We took our business to Tmobile that day and had our number transfer. Unfortunately, we faced another issue because of MetroPCS. They didn't write down our account number on our carbon receipt, instead they wrote down our phone # in its place. So, that made it more difficult for our # to be transferred over to Tmobile. We were forced to go back into that heinous store again and resolve the issue.

I feel as if MetroPCS is one corporation with multiple sectors, yet each sector (authorized retailer, customer service, & corporate store) is acting as independently of each other. The lack of customer service in all sectors of Metro is appalling. If I had known this is how Metro values their customers I wouldn't have bothered with them. It is frustrating to talk to 3 different stores, 6 different people (most were managers and supers) and not get a resolution! The attitudes among all the people I've encountered in this ordeal can be summarized as rude, unhelpful, and unscathed by my problem. No one made an attempt to help me! No one offered me any assistance nor any solution. There is no customer appreciation! There is no corporate structure! There is no customer service! This was my FIRST AND LAST time dealing with MetroPCS, horrible company.

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Do not buy anything from Metropcs. They are pricing their products so they get a profit.

A item they bought for $60 the customer is being charged $129 or more. If you need phone service go to any other representiveable company. Because of their enticing low monthly rate (suckers like me) changed from Tmobile where I had no problem except I did not want to pay a little more money.

The old saying "You get what you pay for " is so true with Metropcs. Buyers beware please!!!!!!!!!!#


Rosa, I am in much agreement with your problem with Metropcs. I was sold a Bluetooth headset on Feb 20th ask the salesperson Carlos if I could return it if I did not want it and he SD yes within 30 days.

The other salesperson Jason was present when he SD it and knowingly did not correct him after the fact. I took it back 6 days later and was told by Jason he could not return the item.



They are crooks if you are Trinity boycut this company cuz they don't care bout us


They suck and only care about Hispanics cuz they can still call with the international plan not the trinidadians so I'm going to cancel my service with them

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