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On 1/21/2013, my phone died so I purchased a new LG smart phone from a corporate metropcs store in Plano, Texas moments before the metropcs store closed, the mexican store clerks kept waiting on their mexican buddies and made me wait to last minute so I was rushed through my purchased and realized sales clerk lied to me after I made purchase, as soon as I walked out the door they locked it because they knew they sold me a defective cell phone; and they refused to refund when I called customer service. Metropcs needs to be shut down and ALL employees and all it's owners sued and imprisoned for false advertising, breech of contract and unethical business.DO NOT BUY FROM METROPCS!!!

Monetary Loss: $163.

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San Francisco, California, United States #599879

Metro PCS sucks! They lie and should be shut down!

They advertise unlimited data with no caps, all 4G LTE speed. I had my account capped after 6 days of use. They said I was in the top 5% of heavy users and I would be capped! There is no place in all their documents that says anything like that and they cannot show me anything backing up their story.

How can you advertise something and not deliver the very point you are advertising? I have written to the Attorney General of California and I urger everyone that has a problem with these BUMS that you bring it to your attorney general's attention.

If everyone starts writing to them, they WILL do something! WRITE TO YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL!

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