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On March 30, 2011 shortly before the store time to close, at 7.58 PM, I purchased a new phone, its accessories, pre-paid a month of usage and switched my phone line from ATT to MetroPCS.

Soon after I arrived home and tested the phone I realized that I made a mistake. As the store was already closed I had to wait till it would open on the next day. In the morning of March 31, 2011, I went back to the store where I purchased the phone and explained to the same customer service person that sold me the phone that I am a realtor and my phone is my main tool of work. The phone that I purchased did not fit my necessities and I was also having problems with the service, not receiving text messages from Clients and getting my phone calls dropped. She said that the service would soon improve and that I should keep the phone for a while and that I would eventually get used to it.

I asked her to then exchange the phone for a blackberry, which was what I originally had with ATT and was ideal for my business. She refused to exchange the phones and said that she could not take a refund either and showed me her return policy, which was not disclosed to me before or during the purchase. On it says that you may return the phone within 7 days of original activation date and must contain less than 60 minutes of airtime usage on call timer. She said my phone had 60 minutes and 15 seconds of airtime.

Unfortunately I didn't know about their return policy prior to the purchase. If I did, I would have never tried a new phone and service provider for my business knowing that I would be stuck to it. I asked to speak with a manager and she declined to give me his/her name or contact information. I called the 1888 8METRO8 number from the store hoping for a solution. They told me to go to their corporate store. The closest one was 40 minutes away in Lake Worth.

Immediately after speaking with the customer service person I turned off my phone (afraid to add any more seconds of airtime and be denied a refund/return and with that lost several business calls). In fact, I was already missing business calls and texts even before knowing that I could not use the phone.

At the Lake Worth corporate store, after 1 hour in line waiting and without using the phone, the service person told me that they could not help me as I had purchased the phone from another store and that if I had purchased it from them, they would be glad to give me a refund.

I then drove home to look for the owners of record of the store to try to locate them and speak with them. All numbers that I tried were either disconnected or did not work. I found their Corporate history and another store they owned also in Delray. Called the store asking for the manager several times and he never returned my call. I drove to the store, and they said the manager was not there and that they could not help me and that I would not be able to return the phone.

After all the driving around, frustration and lost businesses and working hours, I decided that I could no longer keep the phone off, as I had to answer my business calls. I kept trying to reach the store manager for another day without success and finally gave up. I went back to an Att store and changed my phone line back to them. ATT Service is more than double the price, but works and I deeply regret having tried to switch.

I then put all the Metro PCS merchandise back in its original boxes and priority mailed it to the store, attention to the owner of record, with insurance and signature delivery, along with copies of the receipt and with a note asking them to immediately refund the full amount of the purchase on my debit card used with the original purchase. Days after I received the signature receipt in the mail dated as received on April 04, 2011.

As they accepted the phone back, I hoped to receive my refund. I waited for days for it to post, but realized that even though they accepted the phone in the mail, they never refunded my money nor contacted me to have the issue resolved. They simply took the phone back and kept my money.

On April 08, 2011 I went to my bank and filed a dispute.

However, my bank said that the merchant declined to credit my money back and that I would have to resolve the issue directly with the merchant or file a law suit. To file a law suit it is going to cost me at least another $ 190.00 plus all the time and aggravation.

Please help!

I want my money back!

Why do you have different policies for different stores and for online purchases?

Shouldn't the consumer have some time to try the product and service to make sure it is the right product and service for their needs?

Monetary Loss: $526.

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I am going thought this right now with them for two phone we just bought two days a go for .


Metro pcs customer service and return policy is awful. They do not take returns on accessories even if it is in the original condition.

I purchased a charger which I didn't need, went to the store 2 days later with receipt and charger in original box and condition. They refused to accept it, however very eager to sell you something that you can't return.


Metro is horrible at following the rules they post.


I am presently considering leaving Metro pcs as well with the misleading advertisements and/or store representatives.


I've been with Metro PCS for 4 years. Yesterday i bought my second upgrade.

I don't like the new device so 2 hours later I went in for a refund of the $255 i spent. Metro PCS does not refund for upgrades, only new.

Because of this disloyalty to long term customers, I'm going to another carrier.The rep behind the counter actually said to me: "You're on that side of the counter, you don't matter"!! Im going to report this to their corporate office in Texas on Monday.The first store I went into told me this phone was not available at all in the United States so he tried to sell me a more expensive phone.Metro PCS employees are awful.


Me, my husband and my sister bought ours in May 6th 2018 and the services is shitty. Any other place to add hotspot is 10 dollars these knuckleheads charged me 40 for what ? The *** don't do anything but say loading


This happened to me yesterday omg.

to Candice #1503893

Hi this happened to me yesterday too. The phone is too large and flares up my fibromyalgia.But they do not give a ****.


I also tried to return a phone after less than 24 hours. On the receipt half way down he showed me that only "NEW" customers get a refund but since I have Metro already, no deal. He offered me $30 for the phone if I bought an upgraded phone.I should have been made aware of the No Return Policy!!!


I bought an alcatel and it never worked and i spent $100 and two weeks of my time and the store was so rude and wouldn't even exchange it for a working device. I gave up and went with xfinity and they wont refund my money.

But they sold me a broken devoce and refused to make it right. Wtf?!?!

to Kiki Lippman #1571297

In the state of Florida you have the right to cancel or return a product as long as it is in the same condition as when you purchased it within 72 hrs or 3 days. This is a state law and metro's policy does not apply here.


Omg everything down to the store location is exactly what I went through today. What a freaking nightmare. Shame on MetroPCS


Hola. Yo compre un nuevo teléfono para mi esposo pero no le gusto y fui ala tienda para cambiarlo por otro pero no lo quisieron cambiar..


I hate that this happened to you but I am glad to know that I'm not alone. I'm going to post my own experience as well in hopes of shining more light to MetroPCS' practices and conduct.


I've lost all my pictures of my grandkids all my contacts all my other pic everything I tried everything I've called 65 year old disabled man nobody will contact me back I've lost everything have no idea what the *** to do I have an idea but you wouldn't like it I need my pictures back and I'm pretty sure I'll get the same answer as I have for the last 53 people that have emailed about this sorry sir but go to *** better yet go up on the hill and die cuz you're old you have me bent over a barrel I don't have any money to change

to Rick giannini #1445412

All this because the person at the counter understand this I have $45 unlimited plan for over a half an hour he tried to sell me a $60 unlimited plan what in the *** is a matter with these people and they look at you sideways and start speaking real slow you have to get rid of these people in these stores and these people that manage of the teaching this *** if I could have just got my pictures and everything transferred before the phone went out none of this would have power but no this son a b**** want to sell me a $60 plan when I am I got a 40. $5 playing now you tell me where that makes sense at all is because of that you've got to be freaking kidding me


I just experienced this today, only I'm way down in San Antonio, TX. Obviously this is a Nationwide issue.


I'm stuck with a POS ZTE BLAZE, that u can't send ANY videos via text, and the damn thing is always hot, I miss a ton of called and texts, and the phone always shuts off by itself. *** it even wiped out my wallpaper and replaced it with theirs!


Thanks for sharing. I am sure same week happen to me.


My phone works but t's service is shitty as ***


So here I went to metro pcs an got a 2nd phone. Salesman tells me to open 2nd line is additional $20+10 for international calls to my existing $60 for first month.

I get msg today saying please pay $59 on both phones.

watch out they will plain lie to you too. Now on Saturday, I'll go and talk to them, might have to cancel both phones just so they can show middle finger up their, ehem.

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