On the day my payment was due I called to ask for a 2 day extension. They have every right to say no but I have been with them 7 yrs and this is the first time I couldn't pay on time. First they tried to sell me on "bill float" a paid service to have an extension and when I was adamant that I didn't want that; they said there was nothing they could do. When I hung up, instead of letting me have my last day of paid phone service, they immediately turned off my phone due to "lack of payment".

It is bad enough they hire people with accents so thick you can barely understand them but to give the excuse they are too big of a company to tend personally to one little pee-on customer, well its time to move on.

My advice concerning MetroPCS....don't be honest with them.

Review about: Metropcs Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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How do I do this extension for my phone??


Wait till your phone is shut off then call the automated line ask for.extension.and it gives you 48hrs you dont.have to talk to anyone then in 48hr if you cant pay it call again and get another extension for 48hrs

to Shaina Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1346680

How many times could you get an extension

to Teresa #1365842

I heard only one time a year

to Shaina San Antonio, Texas, United States #1349656

How many extentions can u get im on my 2nd?

to Valerie #1367740

Can you get 3 rd extension through metro


The number doesn't wirk for me but others it does. Is there a way for it to work

North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1337809

I had one extension and they tell me I can't get on more extension


Dont matter

Discovery Bay, California, United States #1306659

Hi i was woundering if i could get a free extantion for my phone please

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